Faial, an animal friendly island!

faial animal friendly island

Hi there, yes, Faial is an animal friendly island and we have different ways to show it. Check it out!

Yes, we’re an animal friendly island, but how do you get here with your little one? SATA (the Azorean flight company) has fairly low regulations for animal transportation so bringing your pet to the island will be easy and uncomplicated. You just need to “book a seat” as well for your pet, giving a few information about him/her (animal type; animal box size; total weight). Later you’ll receive a confirmation on if your pet meets the regulations or not!

Faial has many associations regarding animal health, safety and well-being. The oldest one is AFAMA and is also the one with most allocated animals to adopt. Besides adoption we have other institutions that help keeping the street animals safe (mostly cats). We have CROA (the official institutions of Horta Municipality) and Brigada Animal de Rua do Faial. These two institutions are responsible to allocated animals as well (but in a smaller size) and to sterilize, vaccinate and treat street animals.

When roaming around Horta city you’ll immediately start seeing many animal shelters. Those are capable to allocate 2/3 cats at a time (adult size) and are equipped with food and water dispensaries. Not only the street animals have good care, Faial also has good treatment facilities for domestic ones. We have two veterinary clinics. Valvet in Flamengos parish and Clínica Veterinária do Faial in Horta city, both very professional and well equipped. We also have a pet shop called PontoPet in Horta city. It has everything for you to treat and play with your little one.

If you were anxious about moving to Azores with your pet, don’t worry. Now you know that’s fairly simple to do it, and how Faial is an animal friendly island.

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