We, Azores Properties, are also a registered construction company for Faial island

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Reconstruction Project
Reconstruction Project

Yes, we Azores Properties can build your dream home as we are also licensed as a construction company on Faial island. We source properties, manage projects an act on behalf of owners for sales and purchases. We also manage renovations giving you an easy moving to Azores islands. Our services are really sought after so be quick on contacting us!

Our team is prepared for everything, having local experienced labors mixed with Laurentius innovative mindset we are able to easily build your dream home in Azores.

We think communication and transparency with each others is the key for a better finishing. Our main objective is to innovate and modernize the way houses are built in Azores, making them more comfortable and prepared for the tropical Azorean weather. Humidity is the biggest problem in Azores but we are quite masters on stepping over it.

Why not take the decision to visit and choose the Azores to build your future home?

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