Easter in Azores and the rebirth of Yacht season!

Hi everyone, it's Easter time and as you're used to know, yes, it's totally different in...
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Azores: An unique Digital Nomad destination. Why?

Why Azores? As you know, Azores are known for their immense nature and biodiversity. It is a...
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Why 2022 is the year to achieve your goals, in Azores?

Hello there, we hope your year started well. Already with plans in mind? If not don't worry...
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Why Christmas is different in Azores?

Today, we're gonna show you why Christmas is different in Azores. Due to its religious...
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How can we help when building your home in Azores?

Building your dream home in Azores islands! This is how Azores Properties can help when...
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In the Azores you’ll enjoy a healthier lifestyle!

  The answer is complex but simple to explain so lets get into it!   "How...
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Building your own house on the Azores

Many people are looking into buying a plot of land and constructing a house of their own...
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Snowy Pico - Azores

Faial and Pico islands: an oasis of opportunity

In between two troubled continents, mid-way between Europe and North America, you will find...
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Azores real estate licensed

Licensed or unlicensed?

There are quite a few websites which offer properties on the Azores and often buyers take in...
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Azores in Winter

So how are the winters on the Azores and what does it mean for my house?

The Azores are considered a sub-tropical climate zone. What does this mean? Normally...
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Azores - Which Island to Choose

Living on the Azores…but which island to choose?

I get a lot of emails from people asking what island would fit them best. Here is my take on...
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Urban Renovation Azores

Urban Renovation: Tax breaks, subsidies and other benefits for the Azores

Public authorities in Portugal support urban renovation and the reconstruction of old...
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