Are you in Azores, with some properties and don't know how to sell them?

As a seller you are our main client. We represent you, we sell your property by finding matching buyers. We maintain our infrastructure that we are legally required to do. We have an office in Horta. We pay taxes, social security, have required liability insurances, attend training seminars and remain fully licensed.

You can find our license here on the regulator website. Just type in our license number  12778 and hit search.

We are aware there are people selling real estate without the required licenses. It is up to you as a seller to decide you want to take the risk of having no recourse whatsoever if such a person does not properly represent you.

The sales process is as follows:

  • Meet clients and discuss the terms of sale
  • Inspection of the property or land
  • Inspection of all paperwork and if seller is legally allowed to offer the property
  • Propose, if needed, how to re-file missing paperwork or how to make sure all institutions have the same information filed. Often this is where paperwork is missing or mistakes are made with filing. Without fixing these issues the house or land can not be sold
  • Discuss market value and asking price and agree on a sales price
  • Sign contract in which seller appoints us to represent him or her. This is a legal requirement.
  • Make photo´s, drone footage and video footage if needed needed to effectively advertise and sell the property
  • Advertise property and remain in contact with buyers providing them with all information required including travel to the Azores
  • Show your property
  • If a sale is agreed we arrange the notary and/or legal representation to do the transfer
  • We can arrange escrow services for the seller

Sellers can use other services we offer. We can make your property sales ready by co-coordinating repairs, painting of the object or decoration in general to make a property stand out.

Through a power of attorney our lawyer can represent absentee owners so there is no need to be present for the transfer of property. The lawyer holds down payments and final payments in escrow if needed and transfers to you directly after the contract for sale has been signed.

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So, if you are in Azores with some properties around and don’t know how to sell them

Visit us in Horta and meet us face to face or contact us for a free evaluation

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