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Azores real estate licensed

Licensed or unlicensed?

There are quite a few websites which offer properties on the Azores and often buyers take in as much information as they can to find their dream home. I often get emails asking about properties that turn out to be not for sale at all. This is about real companies that operate with a real estate license and those that don´t. A number of these websites and people that operate them are working either...

Azores - Which Island to Choose

Living on the Azores…but which island to choose?

I get a lot of emails from people asking what island would fit them best. Here is my take on this. If you like a place which has plenty of people and services then you might want to head for Sâo Miguel Island or Terceira. Terceira, because of the decades of US presence at Lajes Airforce base, is somewhat Americanized when it comes to peoples ability to Speak English and availability of your favorite...

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