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How can we help when building your home in Azores?

Building your dream home in Azores islands! This is how Azores Properties can help when building your dream home. First of all you'll need to choose an island to settle. We recommend Faial and Pico has they are close to each other and make part of a small economic hub called "Triangle Islands" which are Faial, Pico and São Jorge islands. This will enhance your experience in Azores due to the proximity...

Urban Renovation Azores

Urban Renovation: Tax breaks, subsidies and other benefits for the Azores

Public authorities in Portugal support urban renovation and the reconstruction of old buildings in the cities. So, you can benefit from different support programs and tax-breaks if you decide to start a rebuilding project. These are some of them: In Faial island, for example, if you decide to renew a building located in Horta's Special Rehabilitation Zone (ARU - the area marked in red in the image) you...

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