How can we help when building your home in Azores?

how building home azores

Building your dream home in Azores islands!

This is how Azores Properties can help when building your dream home. First of all you’ll need to choose an island to settle. We recommend Faial and Pico has they are close to each other and make part of a small economic hub called “Triangle Islands” which are Faial, Pico and São Jorge islands. This will enhance your experience in Azores due to the proximity and easy access to each island.



Let’s image you choose Faial island. The next step is buying a free land plot, its and easy task due to the low population density. The harder part is finding a plot where you can build as more than half of Faial’s land is classified either agricultural or natural protected areas. That’s where we step in, but how? With your delineation we’ll be able to find the perfect land for you to to start building your dream home in Azores. We can help you on construction too. As we are registered as a construction company as well.




Faial island advantage…

Faial besides being a beautiful island is the perfect hub to develop even more than a home. This is contributed by its strategic location and, has well due to its non-modern commercial sectors. New ideais can always fit in our society. A new business can easily flourish if its well planned and of course, adjusted to its reality. Faial’s climate is moderate not often being struck by tropical storms adding an extra pleasing feeling.

In our website we have a lot of free land plots some of them almost for a bargain! The norther size of Faial island is the richest in terms of free natural land, a few examples will be linked in the slider down below. Azores Properties its on the verge of modernizing house construction in Faial island. For a low price you can have a comfortable and modern home in Azores. Check out our proprieties. Contact us for a visit!








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6 thoughts on “How can we help when building your home in Azores?”

  • John

    Why is the average cost of building a home? Not sure if basements are necessary, but I would rather not include a basement. There is a pc of property Faial island, project ready.
    What would a 1800 -2000 sqft. House cost? Services would need to be acquired.

  • Laurentius Metaal

    John, I send you an email

  • Sousa

    Any recommendations on whom to use for additions/renovations in Faial? Have scouted a property, potentially interested in purchasing however I would like to add to the structure if feasible.

  • Farid

    Does property in Azures qualify for the Golden visa?

  • Jose

    Good afternoon just wondering do I need a permit to build a garage of 5×5 square meter in pico azores

  • Kristina

    I would like to inform myself to get a general idea of how much it would cost building a new house in one of the Azores islands. We’re thinking of moving into one of the smaller islands as Sao Jorge, Pico or Horta (so NOT Sao Miguel).
    Since we’re looking into buying land over there, we would like to build a house there of ca 250 m2.
    Could your team give us an idea please of how much it would be for a one floor and/or for a two floor house with 4 bedrooms in total?
    Thank you very much! It would help us a lot with calculating our financial plan.

    With Kind Regards,



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