Azores: An unique Digital Nomad destination. Why?

azores digital nomad why

Why Azores?

As you know, Azores are known for their immense nature and biodiversity. It is a great destination for people who want to relax and forget about the busy city life. Azores give you unique sensations and experiences but there’s much more besides that. It can possibly become the next Digital Nomad paradise, and we are going to show you why!


As you arrive here you’ll immediately notice a “back in time effect”, as if something stopped in time. That’s Azores, we embrace globalization as we are a very welcoming region but we keep our old values, culture and the most important, our nature. This relationship with the past, mixed with an innovative fresh mentality will easily help you in terms of coordination, creativity and management of time. If you’re from outside of Europe don’t worry, there’s a Visa for you. The “Portugal D7 Visa” allows you to work remotely and stay in Portugal for up to one year.



Besides nature, you’ll also be able to enjoy good food, an exciting culture, good Internet connection and the most important, cheap properties for sale. Portugal and Azores in specific are one of the cheapest regions in Europe. In Azores you can easily buy a house and still manage to get your things together. We always recommend Faial island because from here you have easy access to other islands like Pico and São Jorge. This will enrich even more your experience as a Digital Nomad in Azores. Connection with the mainland is also easy as you’re only a 2 hour flight away from Lisbon and a 4 four hour one for the USA.


The unique tropical weather will turn your experience even more exciting as you never know what to expect. As we Azoreans often say: “It looks like we have 4 seasons in 1 day”, get ready for everything! These are the perks of turning Azores into your next destination as a Digital Nomad. Contact us for a visit in one of our beautiful properties.

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