Faial and Pico islands: an oasis of opportunity

Snowy Pico - Azores

In between two troubled continents, mid-way between Europe and North America, you will find an oasis of opportunities: The islands of Faial and Pico in the Azores archipelago.

More than a natural paradise, these islands offer a growing dynamic investment climate. Investors can plan long term due to the political stability of Portugal, a long standing EU member-state.

A healthy business environment stems from pro-active State institutions, a clear and accessible legal framework, as well as locally established services as law-firms, banks, notaries, architects, consultants, specialized building companies and other services.

Owing to an efficient transport system all materials, goods and products are readily obtainable, allowing for the development of complex projects. There is a young and trained workforce available to serve your needs. The lowered value added tax-rate of 18% versus 23% on the mainland of Portugal, as well as the varied government based incentive packages and subsidies for different activities, offer a competitive edge that can make a difference.

Return on investments has been growing steadily throughout the last decade, owing as well to the growth of a higher-end tourism market and rising real estate prices.

One of the most valuable and unique traits of these to islands is safety and security, boasting a near zero crime rate. Health services include a fully equipped hospital in Horta on Faial, health centers with family doctors on both Faial and Pico, good pharmacies and quick emergency evacuations to Tereceira, São Miguel or Lisbon if the need for such arises.

The COVID-19 pandemic has so far shown the island’s resilience: quick measures taken by local authorities, namely the mandatory tests on arrival, allowed that these two islands showed almost no infections and are currently entirely free of any COVID-19 cases. This response led to a quicker recovery of the tourism sector.

Faial and Pico are islands have welcomed foreigners and outside investments for centuries. There is a large and well integrated expat-community from many parts of the world. English is widely spoken by most residents.

Portugal offers simple and straightforward immigration rules, that make it easier to get permanent residence permits. The Residence Permit for Investment Activity scheme (golden visa) will allow not only to enter and exit the country at will as well as to travel with no need of Visa throughout all the Schengen Agreement countries. The investment level varies but it is comparatively low, with benefits for urban rehabilitation and job creation.

As the islands develop sustainably, with solid environment protection legislation, Faial and Pico islands offer an unique prospect of value for the future, in a world where the possibility to enjoy a pristine nature in a healthy and safe environment have become the ultimate luxury commodity.

Invest for the future: check out some of the opportunities available right now:

Dream houses and Luxury Villas:

[featured_property id=”21127″ sale_line=”Large luxury Villa just outside Horta city, Faial island with fabulous view, lots of space and superb construction”][/featured_property]

[featured_property id=”20855″ sale_line=”Incredible Villa with large forest plot in Madalena, Pico island”][/featured_property]

[featured_property id=”24141″ sale_line=”Very large modern house with great view near Varadouro bay, Faial island”][/featured_property]


City Buildings for Urban Rehabilitation:

[featured_property id=”24865″ sale_line=”Large historical building in the centre of Horta city, Faial island”][/featured_property]

[featured_property id=”22338″ sale_line=”Very large classic building for sale in a fantastic location in Horta city”][/featured_property]

[featured_property id=”16384″ sale_line=”Classic multi-purpose building in centre of Horta city, Faial Island”][/featured_property]

[featured_property id=”19404″ sale_line=”Waterfront city building in a perfect location, Faial island”][/featured_property]

[featured_property id=”17410″ sale_line=”Very large elegant townhouse with great sea view in the centre of São Roque, Pico island”][/featured_property]


Tourism accommodations and restaurants:

[featured_property id=”26502″ sale_line=”Beautiful guesthouse with marvellous view and large garden close to Horta city Faial island”][/featured_property]

[featured_property id=”23004″ sale_line=”Seaside restaurant and apartment in Porto Pim, Faial island”][/featured_property]

[featured_property id=”18444″ sale_line=”Unique seaside property and business opportunity on Pico island”][/featured_property]

[featured_property id=”25473″ sale_line=”Fantastic 2 bedroom house and restaurant on the beach on Faial island”][/featured_property]

[featured_property id=”21854″ sale_line=”Large seaside restaurant with big land plot, close to Horta city, Faial island”][/featured_property]


Unique Building plots:

[featured_property id=”24541″ sale_line=”Unique seaside building plot and ruin in Faial island”][/featured_property]

[featured_property id=”23280″ sale_line=”Huge property with fantastic view close to Horta city, Faial island”][/featured_property]


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